Caring For Your Infant and Toddler Clothing

When parents bring their newborn home from the hospital, they start to realize how different life has become. Everything is focused on the baby; everyone is thinking of his or her safety. But have you ever realized that the primary issue of safety is not really on what kind of baby proofing you would do at home but actually what kind of care you would give your infant and toddler clothing? Yes! Clothing care plays a big role in your baby's safety. Baby proofing your home would be great, but that won't really be necessary until your baby makes his or her first turn, which is probably by the fourth month. For now, the most important is keeping him or her safe, and this starts with the clothes that he or she wears.

Your infant and toddler clothing is directly connected to your newborn's safety. After the spitting up and the pooping, how will you launder the clothes so your baby's sensitive skin will be protected from any rashes, irritation, or allergies? This is certainly the high time to add new words to you vocabulary such as hypo-allergenic, dye-free, chlorine-free, scent-free or non-toxic. Oftentimes, products labeled as these are the ones safe and compatible with your baby's ultra-sensitive skin.

It is also very important that you talk to your pediatrician. Speak to him or her and identify whether your baby may have some inherited sensitivities from you and your spouse. This way, you will know what the possible triggers are and you can prevent allergies from developing. You must also ask advice on how it is best to launder your infant and toddler clothing.

The other thing you can do is to not forget how to read the care instruction for washing and removing the stain on your baby's sleepwear, cloth diapers, rompers, bibs, and the likes. You must do the same with the other stuff which your child may have contact with like your bed sheets, comforters, towels, blankets, and washcloths. Babies are naturally messy and you will have to put up with this characteristic until they have reached a certain age and you have appropriately trained them to be otherwise. In the mean time, you will have to make a lot of trips to the laundry room and do the washing.

When you are doing the infant and toddler clothing laundry, the first consideration to make is the detergent you are going to use. Check the label and make sure it is dye and fragrant-free. It must be tough on stains but friendly on your child's skin at the same time. If you can get one which is not only both but environment-safe too, then it's absolutely the best pick.

For whitening and stain-removing purposes, some moms use baking soda. They use it when washing to remove odors, soften the fabrics, and give your infant and toddler clothing a fresh and more natural scent. Should you wish to use bleach in removing tough stains, use it minimally and make sure that you wash the clothes well after.