Home Remedies For Infant Eczema and Baby Eczema Treatment

Infant care is always a priority with new mothers and putting an infant on medications for any condition, including eczema is something that is scary to the new mother. Infant eczema is something that many new mothers know little about. Typically, new mothers do not receive the education they need regarding the condition, its symptoms, triggers or the basics of the condition which is fairly common in infancy.

Infant eczema includes dry, itchy, red, scaly, sensitive skin and is a condition that is uncomfortable for the infant or child, causing a burning irritation. There are specific factors such as heredity, allergies, asthma and even irritants in the air can disturb the condition of the child's skin and cause eczema.

When a baby comes down with the condition, it is heart wrenching for new mothers, as the child is uncomfortable, scratches, cries and often begins to develop sores. Infections could occur which makes matters even worse. There are Baby Eczema Treatments which will help to relieve and prevent the condition which each mom should be aware of.

Baby Eczema Treatments

To start, for children that are scratching, reduce the amount of scratching by covering the child's hands with mittens or socks. This way, their finger nails will not be in contact with the eczema spots.

Oatmeal: Oatmeal is a baby eczema treatment that helps to soothe the ravaged skin of the child. For this home remedy you simply need to blend about two cups of oats in the food processor till the oatmeal is a powder. Run a warm bath for the baby and stir the oatmeal powder into the bath. The baby can enjoy the soothing bath for up to 15 minutes. Clean the baby with fresh water and pat the skin dry.

Olive oil: Rub the area that the eczema outbreak is occurring with olive oil. Once you've rubbed the skin of the child dress in loose clothing.

It is also important that a baby stay well hydrated when suffering from a skin ailment such as eczema. Especially in warm weather. Also, there are foods which should be avoided such as dairy. By eliminating milk products from the baby's diet you will help to calm the outbreaks down and smooth the skin.

Other helpful remedies are to only use unscented versions of products such as laundry soap. Use a gentle, moisturizing, lye-free soap rather than a traditional soap. Always keep the room temperature moderate and steady. You do not want the baby in an environment that rapidly changes or is too warm.

There are up to 20 percent of children that suffer from eczema, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. While it is reported that by the time a child turns 2 the condition may be gone, it is also reported that it may continue into childhood. While it is heart wrenching for the new mother to watch her baby suffer, there are home remedies to stop flare-ups and to make the baby once again comfortable which are the first choice over medications.