10 Benefits to Having a Baby Nurse

Before listing the 10 benefits in having a infant care specialist, I would first like to explain some basic responsibilities of a baby nurse and a job description.

Although the term "baby nurse" is misleading, a baby nurse is a non-medical trained infant specialist with extensive hands-on infant experience. She comes into the home to assist new parents with day-to-day care of their newborn. Typically a newborn care specialist will suffice as long as the newborn is healthy with no medical conditions, however If your child has any sort of medical condition you will want a registered nurse other wise known as an RN, to care for your newborn.

Not all baby nurses are created equal and like in and subsequently there will be qualified baby nurses who are highly experienced with newborn care and there will be baby nurses that are not as an experienced and qualified. So before you bring a newborn care specialist into your house to care for your newborn make sure to speak with 3 or 4 Moms and Dads of her previous assignments, so that you can verify that your newborn is being cared for by a top notch infant care specialist. For this reason it is never too early to start your search for a qualified, trustworthy newborn care specialist. To ensure the broadest selection of available inant specialists, allow yourself six months prior to your anticipated delivery date to begin the selection process.

Just like not all newborn care specialists are created equal; baby nurse placement agencies are also not created equal, for there will be some agencies that will place a baby nurse that they are not familiar with and have not verified the quality of the newborn specialist they are placing. However there are some very reputable placement agencies which will only send you a newborn specialist they are familiar with and are sure that they are the most qualified and caring infant care specialist in this field of work. It is self-understood that there are numerous advantages and benefits in hiring a infant care specialist and I consolidated all the benefits of a newborn care specialist into 10 general categories, and I hope I will have an opportunity in the future to write a separate article on each category. Here is the list of the 10 benefits in hiring a qualified infant care specialist:

1) A baby nurse will allow you to rest and get back your full energy, before having to have the full burden of newborn care on your shoulders.

2) A newborn specialist will help ease your transition into parenthood.

3) A infant specialist will offer support to mothers who suffer from post-partum depression.

4) A infant specialist will allow Mom and Dad to get some time-out.

5) A infant specialist will enable you to resume work with confidence knowing that your baby is being cared for by a qualified care giver.

6) Your newborn baby will receive complete care by an experienced infant care spcecialist who will bathe, diaper, dress, feed and much more.

7) A infant care specialist will initiate an eating and sleeping routine which is vital to establish in the first few months of the newborn.

8) A infant specialist will relax and sooth your baby if he/she is in any sort of discomfort.

9) A newborn specialist will offer lactation support.

10) A infant specialist will educate the new parents on caring for their new infant