The Shocking Statistics on Infant Death - Tips to Prevent Infant Death With Kangaroo Mother Care

Main Causes of Baby's Not Surviving

There are three main causes of infant death globally, these are:

• Infections
• Complication of premature birth
• Deaths related to labor and delivery or birth asphyxia

Complications of Premature Birth

Premature births are a direct cause of death in addition to being a risk factor. One of the main complications of pre-term delivery is low birth weight. Low birth weight is common in pre-term babies but it can also manifest in babies that go through the full gestational period. Low birth weight and/or pre-term delivery can lead to the following:

• As a result of infection - a pre-term underweight infant has a weak immune system which makes it susceptible to diseases.
• As result of asphyxiation - a pre-term child may have difficulty breathing because the lungs are not fully developed or due to poor breathing regulation.
• Inability to feed well leading to a variety of other complications.
• Future developmental problems - the child may delay reaching major milestones such as sitting up, talking, crawling, walking and so forth. This can continue into adolescence with negative psychological and emotional impact.

This is where Kangaroo Mother care "bounces" in and helps these babies to revive and survive.

What Can be done for Pre-Term and/or Low Birth Weight Infants?

A solution exists in the name of Kangaroo Mother Care. The emphasis of Kangaroo Mother Care is letting nature provide the solution in a controlled environment. The name arose from the manner Kangaroo's take care of their young in the wild. In case, you did not know, Kangaroo babies (Joeys) are some of the most fragile creatures when born. They measure only a few centimeters and are blind at birth. Despite this, a Kangaroo is able to take care of the tiny Joey in its pouch until it grows old enough to leave the pouch.

How Does Kangaroo Mother Care Work?

The mother holds the infant close to her chest in skin-to-skin contact, preferably in between her breasts. A warm covering is then used to cover the child. In this position, the child immediately becomes calm as they pay attention to the mother's breathing, beating heart and speech.

What are the Benefits of Kangaroo Mother Care?

Research has proven that infants benefit immensely. Calmer infants' breastfeed better and hence gain weight much faster. It has also been proven that the mother's breathing helps infants regulate their own breathing and pulse rate.

How Much Does Kangaroo Mother Care Cost?

Nothing! That's right; it doesn't cost anything extra to begin Kangaroo Mother Care. You only need to have this information so that if your care givers do not offer this option to you, you can request... or even demand it. The only requirement is that your child should be able to breathe on their own and all other vitals should be stable.