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Just when you think you have your newborns routine all figured out, he changes things on you. He is growing by leaps and bounds every day which means his eating and sleeping patterns will continue to change as he grows. He also spends a lot more time awake. This allows you more opportunities to play with him, talk to him, and sing to him. He will kindly show his appreciation for your time well spent by responding with smiles, coos, and giggles.

It is very important to your child's overall development to spend quality time interacting with your baby. Singing, reading, and talking to your baby will help develop language and speech. Playing games with your baby is extremely fun and can help your baby develop their muscles, fine and gross motor skills, balance, and coordination. Although many activities will seem very repetitive to you, it is that very repetition that helps your child remember and learn.

Each month, your baby will be growing physically, emotionally, and intellectually so be sure to play games that are age appropriate. For instance, a baby that is between 6 to 12 months old can usually stack blocks, but this type of activity would be too difficult or too frustrating to a 3 to 6 month old. Also, most babies explore by putting objects in their mouths. Be sure to use toys and objects that do not pose any kind of a choking hazard. It will be quite some time before your baby understands the inherent dangers that accompany mouthing.

During the next several months, your baby will become increasing mobile first by learning to rollover, then sit-up, crawl, and finally walk. At each of those stages of development, you will want to re-evaluate any safety issues in and out of your home. For example, a baby that can rollover should never be left unattended on a changing table or bed where a fall can occur. A baby that can crawl or walk is capable of placing himself in many dangerous situations so baby-proof your home before your baby begins to crawl by covering all outlets, ensuring there are no small or breakable objects within reach, no items that can be used to climb on top of, as well as securing all cabinets that contain medications or chemicals of any kind.

you will find a list of articles found on various websites that cover many topics related to infant care, infant health, infant safety, infant growth and development, and infant issues. You can use these resources to find out information, answer questions, or just satisfy curiosity. You will enjoy continuing to learn all there is to know about your infant's world, especially since it is a world that is constantly changing.