Infant Care

Infant growth

It's a common wish of every mother that her infant should grow in minutes to be the most healthy and a beautiful adult. However perfect infant health is possible only when parents pay necessary attention to the child brought up. Monitoring infant growth has become much more convenient with the advent of new technologies, and multiple tools are available in the market to test the growth of infants at any stage of life.

Infant Growth sometimes goes abnormal, they undergo some phases in life where they do not show any gain in their weight, and rather, they lose some precious number of calories. It's not a matter of concern for any doctor unless the baby shows no increase in weight during three consecutive visits, it's something alarming; otherwise, it's normal.

First of all, on must have a regular routine of visiting their child specialist, who is keeping good and keen eye on the baby's growth. Parents should follow a very committed routine for getting their infant growth within good focus of the doctor. Doctor normally use standard growth chart to get a comparative overview of the baby's weight, height and head circumference by comparing it with other babies of same age, weight and height. If the doctor finds any baby lagging short of the requisite weight gaining requirements, they suggest necessary precautions and treatments to the parents. As per the set standards, infant gains 4 to 7 ounces weight per week during the first month. At the next stage, they gain an average of 1 to 2 pounds per month for the next five months. The average weight gain from 6 months to one year is 1 pound per month. The second parameter of growth is height, exception part, normally, a child grows 1 inch per month during the first six month and nearly ½ inch from six month to one year of age.

Balanced diet and active lifestyle is an integral [part of any infant's normal growth. Early growth of any infant is the foundation for whole life, it has to be normal and healthy, and parents should pay maximum attention to ensure that their baby is growing well.