Infant Food - A Guide For Mothers to Keep Their Baby Healthy and Happy

The World Health Organization (WHO) has recently quoted that Cuba has made extraordinary progress in maternal & infant health care. WHO has further said that the progress made by Cuba should be taken as an example all over the world. It is evident that bringing up and taking proper care of your baby is an extremely daunting task. You have to be familiar with your child's habits and moods and learn to identify the signs that he makes.

The most important part of motherhood is to make sure whether your baby is getting adequate nutrition. Your baby might be comfortable with breastfeeding. In that case, you must know when and how often you should feed him. Crying is usually a sign of hunger. However, if your baby is more comfortable with formula food, then you must buy one that will suit your baby. Nowadays, organic food is very popular as they are free from all kinds of chemicals and are also a rich source of nutrition.

Be very careful when you buy soap, shampoo, lotion or cream. Recently, it has been found that some baby products are highly toxic and contain chemicals that maybe life-threatening to your baby. Infants have been diagnosed with child cancer, asthma, and birth defects.

You must exercise caution when you are changing diapers. Your baby might need a change as often as two hours. If your baby is wearing a diaper which is already wet it might result in irritation or rashes. Make sure that the diaper is from a reputed brand. Bad quality diapers harm the delicate skin of the baby and cause rashes. The baby's bottom should always be kept clean with baby powder and diaper cream.

Another important factor is to understand and identify your baby's cries. He might be crying because he is hungry or sleepy. But, he also might be crying due to discomfort or stomach pains. If your baby becomes fussy while eating food or he is continuously crying, you must immediately contact a doctor immediately because must not take chances with your child's health.

The Internet can be the best source of information for first-time mothers. Websites on the Internet contain a lot of information regarding infant health care. These articles will be of immense help to you. Browse through them and read up as much as you can. The more you read about baby products, food, and health care, it will help you to become a better mother.