Infant Care and the Baby Monitor

One of the items that are very helpful in fulfilling our infant care objectives is a baby monitor. This product is an electronic device used to monitor a child from a distance. There are several different models available. Some of the features will be discussed in this article. We will also be making apparent the advantages and some uses for an infant monitor.

Some of the simpler designs of monitors are one way sound detectors. That is they alert the parent with a beep or a vibration when a loud noise is put into the microphone at one end of the device. Another model can alert the parent when the infant does not move for a given length of time. Still other models can provide two way communications between child and parent. The infant can hear the parent as well as the parent hears the infant. Other features available are video camera technology that allows you to see your infant from a distance. The ranges of these baby monitors vary from 100 feet to 1000 feet. Infrared technology (see in darkness) is available on some models. A battery operated monitor is considered safer than a plug in model. The battery operated monitor does not have a cord to trip on, and operate on low voltage direct current to help avoid electrical shock. Baby monitors are available that allow adjustable frequency. This is helpful when avoiding outside interference or other devices on the same frequency. Most every baby monitor is lightweight, portable and easy to mount. This is important when aiming a camera type monitor in the right location.

As baby monitors become more and more common, they become more affordable. The prices are between fifty and three hundred dollars. The monitors are carried at most major retail stores. There are several locations online that carry these products also. A few hundred dollars is small price for the security and knowledge that can be attained with a quality product.

We have seen what these products are capable of providing. We also have to be cautious as to avoid outside interference. Still the advantages are great. We value our children and try to provide as best we can for them. Choose a baby monitor to fit your needs. Happy parenting