Infant Massage - Connecting With Your Baby

Babies are little angels given by God for us to care, nourish, and guide as they grow up in this world. As parents, we tend to give more than they need just to show how much we love and cherish them. Connecting with your baby is a good way to show your affection with them. Infant massage is a good way to make the bond stronger for both parents and child. This mutual feeling shared by the two will leave a lasting impression on the baby thus making your child feel loved and wanted.

All over the world, infant massage has been practiced for as long as one cares to remember. However, it wasn't until 1970's that this type of massage therapy for infants was introduced and made public in the United States. The use of infant massage therapy was not widely accepted before the year 1990 after some serious research regarding the benefits this therapeutic massage contributes on the wellness of the infant. Thanks to the development infant massage therapy, recovering babies as well as premature infants can quickly recover back to their healthy condition. This massage therapy promotes the overall good condition of your child's physical and mental state. It also promotes a better sleep for your baby as he or she relaxes every time you give him or her infant massage.

Learning this type of medical care for your child is easy as the internet offers a lot of information regarding infant massage therapy. You can also enroll on online massage therapy schools that offer this type of massage therapy. Books can also be a good source of information and ready reading material every time you give your little angel a good massage. Make sure though that you follow the teachings correctly and work out the different massage strokes and healing techniques properly on your baby to avoid any problems such as injuries. Always remember that your child has a delicate body so being cautious is a must.

Before you begin your healthy bonding with your baby, make sure that the place where you will perform the beneficial therapy is somewhere that has no distractions. Plan a schedule on what time the baby will get his or her infant massage. Avoid giving a massage when the baby is hungry or sleepy as their mood will ruin your mood of making them relax.

The massage strokes and techniques used in this type of massage therapy are light and gentle strokes slowly moving from an area of the infant's body to the next key area. Hypoallergenic creams, oil and lotion can be used by the parent in order to prevent any friction when rubbing the body of your child. Always keep in mind to consult first with your pediatrician before you use anything on your baby's skin to avoid having skin allergies on your child's skin. They have sensitive skin that's why you always have to be careful in whatever you plan on applying on their skin.

Make sure that you keep a constant communication with your baby and check out for possible signs of discomfort during the massage therapy.