Kangaroo Mother Care: Tips to Improve You Baby's Development

Kangaroo Mother Care is attributed to possess an enormous amount of benefits for premature babies, but is also a useful technique for infants born before the full 38 weeks human gestation period. Preemies are extremely dependent on their parents for nourishment and protection. Psychologically as well, babies rely on their parents for support. This period lasts for several years before which the child can take care of himself on his own. Hence, Kangaroo Mother Care is the recommended means to nurture and care for preemies. The following are some tips to follow for ideal care of a premature infant.

Tip 1: Practice Kangaroo Mother Care Immediately after Birth

Experts suggest that the mother or father of the newborn initiate this technique regardless of whether the infant is premature or is born after the full term. There are several benefits of administering this method of mothering as an alternative against incubating the baby since it stabilizes the baby faster than an incubator. However, in the case of a full term newborn and otherwise, it attempts to mimic the same atmosphere as the uterus the infant was carried in for nine months. This familiarity reduces the production of the stress hormones and induces calmness thereby accelerating growth. The little one in his comfort zone also sleeps better and falls into a sleep cycle similar to that of his caregiver.

Tip 2: Dedicate Maximum Hours to Kangaroo Mother Care

For preemie babies, doctors have documented optimal results when the child has been carried the Kangaroo Mother Care way for the longest time possible. Since the infant is required to be held tightly against his caregiver's warm body, it regulates the heart beat and breathing mechanism, making the recovery period much shorter and ultimately reducing hospital visits and medical expenses.

As a result of such close proximity, the newborn feels secure and content thus allowing him to feed in an ideal manner. Better feeding results in faster weight gain and builds up immunity. The bonding that results is also extraordinary in the sense that the infant recognizes the touch of his caregiver and is instantly comforted in their presence. Fathers and mothers are the perfect candidates for providing tender care via this method.

Tip 3: Kangaroo Mother Care Promotes Breastfeeding by New Moms

When babies are latched on to their mother's chest for the better part of a day, access to breast milk is easy and encouraged. For mothers who are experiencing difficulty in breastfeeding due to poor lactation, Kangaroo Mother Care is the recommended technique, since the child reaches out to receive his/her nourishment regularly, thus improving the flow of milk. It also leads to the child feeding on the mother's milk for a longer period than what an average newborn receives. This is great for the child's immunity.

Kangaroo Mother Care has amazing benefits for not only mother and child, but the society as a whole; which is why it is being promoted widely amongst pregnant women.